Here’s what we do: get creative with regulatory, technology and market changes to expand your audience through new products, wrappers, and channels. And then we help educate that audience about why they should care.


To state the obvious, profound shifts in law, products, and financial technology – along with the “automatic investing” tidal wave – are transforming the asset management and financial services industries. Success from here will require synthesizing traditional market knowledge with legal expertise, structuring experience, technology smarts, media savvy… and good antennae for what’s next.

We deliver that combination, helping clients thrive in their radically expanded opportunity sets (and avoid obsolescence in the old ones). And we don’t just stand back and offer abstract advice; we roll up our sleeves to help implement, train, and evangelize.

That’s why elite financial institutions like Nasdaq, Wilshire Associates, and Neuberger Berman work so closely with us. Maybe we can help you, too.

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