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Bob helps elite institutions and sophisticated audiences make sense of the profoundly disruptive forces shaping the economy and the investment industry… and to develop practical strategies that respond. He blends unique perspectives — a product of legal, finance, and technology careers — with a high energy style and a passionate dedication to the success of his listeners and clients. Learn More

Delivering Private Investments to the Individual Market: A Business and Legal Guide

A class for executives and lawyers of private investment funds

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Up to 9 hours CE of Legal and FINRA credits possible.


From convention halls to small seminars, Bob pushes listeners to embrace the disruptive forces that are changing everything about how we live, work, and invest.


Bob provides a whirlwind tour of the radical advances in robotics, globalization, artificial intelligence, and the many other fundamentally disruptive forces that modernity has unleashed. And then explains how your organization can leverage them.
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Investor & Advisor Events

Static investment recipes are insufficient in a world of rapid change. Instead, portfolios that combine active and passive styles and vehicles deliver the best results… and the FAs who construct them routinely deliver net-of-fees alpha to their clients.
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The fun way to financial fluency: 250 terms explained in 3 minute TV spots.

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We strive for effective education about unfamiliar but important topics. That requires writing and speaking simply and clearly, without all the Wall Street and legal jargon. And just a little bit of style, too. Please take a look.

Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies: Why They Matter And How They Work

To answer the key question first: Yes, blockchains and cryptocurrencies will be extremely important to real-world enterprises — soon. Full article PDF

Private Equity For Individual Investors: Historical Impediments and New Opportunities

Private equity typically generates better returns than the public markets. Full article PDF